The Bennington State Bank
Credit Cards

Cards that meet your business needs.

VISA® Business Card

Master Account Structure

Individual cards with company and employee name. Assign the credit limit you need for each card.

Choice of Statement

Standard - Each employee receives statement.

Central Bill - One statement for business administrator.

Annual Fee

$29 per card

Annual fees can be waived with $5,000 in annual spending per card or when you sign up for AutoPay!
VISA® Purchasing Card

Advanced Reporting Functionality

Advanced reporting enables you to identify duplicate expenses and payments, unusual spending patterns by employees, department or expense categories, visibility in to spending with non-preferred vendors, split transactions to circumvent individual payment thresholds and more.

Tools that put you in control

Set frequency limits, transaction count restrictions, block specific commodities and services, only allow purchases from certain suppliers or purchases. Centralized billing structure gives you control and convenience.

Annual Fee